SHUSLER'S SALT 8 MAZ Sodium chloratum D4 50gr Natrium chloratum

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SHUSLER'S SALT №8 Natrium chloratum D4

Homeopathic medicinal product without specific therapeutic indications.

To improve skin hydration; in case of articular cartilage damage and joint edema; in disorders of the intervertebral discs, tendons and ligaments; in insect bites and stings, in persistent colds with watery secretions; with shingles.

SHUSLER'S SALT №8 Natrium chloratum D4 Treatment of nasal reflex zones:

Apply №8 ointment several times a day in the amount of the size of a pea in the nose, around the eyeballs, the entrance of the ears, the earlobe and on the inside of the elbows.

The ointment SHUSLER'S SALT №8 Natrium chloratum D4 is recommended for:

  • To improve skin hydration - for dryness, chapped lips, desquamation;
  • Damage to articular cartilage and joint swelling;
  • Stubborn colds with clear secretions and injured skin around the nose;
  • Excessive sweating, causing wounds on the skin;
  • Bubbles with clear contents, e.g. herpes, burning;
  • Stomach acid - applied to the stomach.