SHUSLER'S SALT 9 MAZ Sodium phosphoricum D4 50g Natrium phosphoricum

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SHUSLER'S SALT №9 Natrium phosphoricum D4

Homeopathic medicinal product without specific therapeutic indications.

In gout and rheumatic edema of the small joints; comedones, acne and oily skin.

The ointment SHUSLER'S SALT 9 MAZ Sodium phosphoricum D4 is recommended for:

  • Gout and rheumatic swelling of the small joints;
  • Furuncles;
  • Comedones, acne, oily skin;
  • Milk crusts for children;
  • Fungal skin infections;
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes after an inflammatory process;
  • Erysipelas;
  • Skin rashes in case of intolerance to milk - in combination with tablets SHS №9.