Sideritis herba, HERB GREEK 40g protects against anemia, Fights bacteria

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Sideritis herba, HERB GREEK (ZIELE GREEKER) has a number of beneficial properties for the body. Has antioxidant effect. Fights bacteria and soothes inflammation. Supports digestive processes and protects against anemia.

Sideritis herba protects against anemia, Fights bacteria Composition:
Herb (sideritis herba) - 100%.

Sideritis herba protects against anemia, Fights bacteria Action:
ZIELE GOJNIK is intended for making a unique tea with a unique aroma. Sideritis scardica - Gojnik is a plant that is most common in the Balkans, Turkey and the Mediterranean. It has been used in folk medicine for a long time because of its unique health-promoting properties. In addition, it has unique taste qualities. The ZIELE gojnik has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Thanks to the content of antioxidants, it protects against the effects of oxidative stress. It delays the aging process and supports the fight against cancer. It is a rich source of flavonoids, tannins, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, sodium, cobalt, zinc, potassium and essential oils. Strengthens the body and prevents anemia. It relieves symptoms of fatigue. Supports the functioning of the digestive and circulatory systems.

- hypersensitivity to product constituents

Sideritis herba protects against anemia, Fights bacteria Indications:
It is recommended to use tea to quench your thirst and nourish your body. Gojnik is recommended for problems with the liver, stomach, kidneys and prostate.

How to use:
Use orally. Take after preparing the tea according to the following scheme: 1 teaspoon of herb brew with boiling water covered for about 10 minutes. Can be served with honey or a slice of lemon.