SIDROGA bladder and kidney rinse tea filter bag 20X2.0 g for cystitis

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Sidroga ® bladder-kidney spume, SIDROGA bladder and kidney rinse tea for cystitis

SIDROGA bladder and kidney rinse tea for cystitis Areas of application: traditional herbal medicine for flushing the lower urinary tract as a supportive treatment for minor urinary tract complaints and to reduce the deposition of kidney grits exclusively due to long-term use.

SIDROGA bladder and kidney rinse tea for cystitis For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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First aid for cystitis
Every year around 8 million people in Germany develop inflammation of the lower urinary tract, in most cases caused by bacteria from the intestine. A weakened immune system increases the likelihood of illness, as does the different anatomical relationships between women and men. Sidroga ® Bladder and Kidney Rinse Tea is a traditional herbal medicine for flushing the urinary tract. With its purely plant-based composition from the leaves of birch and orthosiphon as well as goldenrod, the medicinal tea can support the treatment of minor urinary tract problems such as cystitis and reduce the build-up of kidney grits. Keeps kidneys and urinary tract healthy

• Purely vegetable
• For mild urinary tract problems
• To reduce kidney gravel deposits

Herbal medicinal
tea The healing power of tea has been known for thousands of years for the effective treatment of many ailments. Sidroga ® develops natural herbal teas with beneficial effects on the basis of tried and tested medicinal herbs in combination with the latest findings in modern phytotherapy . The carefully put together tea blends consist of selected medicinal plants from cultivation that is integrated in a controlled manner as far as possible, which are sealed by effective aroma protection bags.

SIDROGA bladder and kidney rinse tea for cystitis RECOMMENDED USE:
Adults drink a cup of Sidroga ® 3 to 4 times a dayBladder and kidney rinse tea. To do this, pour 150 ml of boiling water over 1 filter bag of bladder and kidney rinse tea, let it steep for 15 minutes, gently squeeze out the bag and remove it.

During the entire period of use of the medicinal tea, care should also be taken to drink plenty of fluids. Sidroga ® Bladder and Kidney Rinse Tea is not suitable for use in children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

A flushing therapy can help flush out inflammatory germs as well as semolina and kidney stone-forming metabolic products from the body. Recommended for this therapy is a daily fluid intake of 2 to 3 liters and the use of diuretic herbal herbal teas.

Sidroga ® 's quality standards start with the sowing of the medicinal plants: As far as possible, we focus on controlled-integrated cultivation (KIA) and we attach great importance to tested and carefully selected seeds. As well as the perfect time to harvest, when the plants have the highest active ingredient

TESTED QUALITY Medicinal teas
are always precisely checked and are subject to strict legal guidelines and quality standards, which are recorded in the European Pharmacopoeia, among other things. Only a tea that meets the strict official quality requirements may be sold as a medicinal tea.

SIDROGA bladder and kidney rinse tea for cystitis FREQUENT QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
Are loose teas not of higher quality than tea bags?
No, the decisive factor is always what's in the tea bag. The so-called fine cut is deliberately used for Sidroga ® medicinal teas. The medicinal plant is cut in many different places and thus optimally releases the active ingredients into the tea water. The filter bag is similar to the tablet or dragee, only the coating of the active ingredients.

Is KiA the same as organic farming?
No, there are differences. In the case of ecological organic farming, the avoidance of chemical-synthetic pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers is in the foreground. With controlled integrated cultivation (KiA), individual agreements are made with contractual partners for cultivation and further processing and quality criteria are defined. For example, only specially selected and tested seeds are used and a certain crop rotation plan is adhered to.

Why does Sidroga tea have to steep for so long?
The brewing time of a medicinal tea depends on the speed with which the active ingredients from the medicinal plant pass into the tea water. For most medicinal teas, this is 10 to 15 minutes. Since the tea is brewed with boiling water, it has exactly the right drinking temperature.

Can the bladder and kidney rinse tea be used permanently?
Sidroga ® Bladder and Kidney Rinse Tea is a medicinal product and should therefore not be used permanently without a doctor's prescription. As part of self-medication, the herbal tea should not be taken for more than 14 days. If the symptoms persist for more than 5 days, worsen or recur periodically, please consult your doctor.