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SIDROGA cough and bronchial tea filter bags

Sidroga Society for Health Products mbH

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SIDROGA cough and bronchial tea filter bags

Pack size:20X2.0gDosage form:tea

SIDROGA cough and bronchial tea filter bags

Sidroga cough and bronchial tea: Areas of application: Traditional herbal medicine for dissolving mucus and relieving irritation in coughs associated with colds exclusively due to long-term use.

For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacy.
Sidroga GfGmbH, 56119 Bad Ems.

Tried and tested for coughs caused by
colds. If you have a cold, a cup of tea provides immediate, noticeable relief. Sidroga ® cough and bronchial tea contains a carefully coordinated combination of irritation-relieving and expectorant ingredients that reduce the annoying urge to cough and make it easier to cough up: thyme has an expectorant and antispasmodic effect and thus relieves coughing. Marshmallow, Icelandic moss and ribwort plantain contain mucilage that forms a protective layer and can soothe irritated mucous membranes and relieve the urge to cough. 100% herbal medicinal tea.

  • Supports mucus solution
  • Relieves the urge to cough when coughing up a cold
  • Makes coughing easier

Effective tea blend
Tea has been considered an effective treatment method for numerous ailments for thousands of years. Based on traditional medicinal herbal knowledge and the latest findings in modern phytotherapy, Sidroga ® develops 100% natural medicinal teas with healing effects. The carefully coordinated components of the tea blends come from selected medicinal plants from largely controlled integrated cultivation (KIA), which are sealed with aroma protection bags.

Adults and teenagers aged 12 and over drink a cup of tea 3 to 4 times a day. Pour approx. 150 ml of boiling water over 1 to 2 filter bags of Sidroga ® cough and bronchial tea and let the tea infusion steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Then gently squeeze out the bag and remove it.

Colds and flu-like infections should not be taken lightly. To prevent serious health complications, colds should always be cured. In addition to plenty of rest and relaxation, soothing medicinal teas have proven to be effective in treating the symptoms.

The Sidroga ® quality standard begins with the sowing of the medicinal plants: Controlled-integrated cultivation (KIA) is used as much as possible and the highest value is placed on seeds that are selected and tested with particular care. And the optimal time to harvest, when the medicinal plants have the highest active ingredient content.

Medicinal teas are precisely tested and are subject to strict legal guidelines and quality standards, which are set out in the European Pharmacopoeia, among others. Only tea that can meet these strict official quality requirements may be sold as medicinal tea.

Aren't loose teas of higher quality than tea bags?
No. What is always important is what is in the tea bag. The so-called fine cut is deliberately used for Sidroga ® medicinal teas. The medicinal plant is cut in many different places and thus optimally releases the active ingredients into the tea water. Similar to tablets or dragees, the filter bag is just the coating of the active ingredients for the optimal dosage.

Is KIA the same as organic farming?
No, there are differences. In ecological organic farming, the main focus is on avoiding chemical-synthetic pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers. In controlled integrated cultivation (KiA), individual agreements are made with contractual partners and quality criteria are defined for cultivation and further processing. For example, only specially selected and tested seeds are used and a specific crop rotation plan is adhered to.

Why does Sidroga tea have to steep for so long?
The brewing time for a medicinal tea depends on the speed at which the active ingredients from the medicinal plant are transferred into the tea water. For most medicinal teas this is 10 to 15 minutes. Since the tea is brewed with boiling water, it is at exactly the right drinking temperature.

Can you use the cough and bronchial tea permanently?
Sidroga ® cough and bronchial tea is a medicine, so it should not be used long-term without a doctor's prescription. If symptoms last longer than 7 days, please see your doctor.