SIDROGA FemiPhyt yarrow herbs tablets

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SIDROGA FemiPhyt yarrow herbs tablets

SIDROGA FemiPhyt 250 mg film-coated tablets

Sidroga FemiPhyt ®

active ingredient
250 mg yarrow herb dry extract

Herbal medicine for mild crampy menstrual cramps
Shortly before or at the beginning of the menstrual period, up to 8 out of 10 women suffer from crampy or colicky menstrual pain. These may last up to three days. Classic accompanying symptoms are nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. The symptoms are often very stressful, especially for young girls and women. It is therefore not surprising that pain relievers with chemical active ingredients are often used, which, however, are usually not suitable for regular use. This is why herbal, well-tolerated alternatives are the better choice.

The herbal alternative: yarrow herbs Sidroga FemiPhyt ®
Sidroga FemiPhyt ® contains 100% natural dry yarrow extract as a herbal active ingredient and relieves slight, crampy menstrual cramps - month after month if necessary.

This is how yarrow herb works
Traditionally, yarrow herb is used to treat mild menstrual cramps due to its antispasmodic and pain-relieving properties. While some other herbal remedies only develop their effect with long-term use, the results of a clinical study * showed that menstrual pain was significantly reduced even with the first treatment with yarrow herb.
* Jenabi E, Fereidoony B. Effect of Achillea Millefolium on Relief of Primary Dysmenorrhea: A Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol 2014 Dec 23

Areas yarrow herbs of application
Sidroga FemiPhyt ® is suitable for the symptomatic treatment of mild cramps during menstruation.

Product features
• 100% natural active ingredient
• For cramps or pain
• Suitable for women and girls from 12 years of age Instructions for

For mild cramp-like menstrual cramps, women and girls from 12 years of age take 1 film-coated tablet two to three times a day. Sidroga FemiPhyt ® is suitable for regular use. A doctor visit is required, though
• the symptoms do not improve or even worsen after 7 days,
• the symptoms persist beyond menstruation.

Sidroga FemiPhyt ® film- coated tablet. Active ingredient: yarrow herb dry extract. Areas of application: traditional herbal medicinal product for the symptomatic treatment of slight cramps during menstruation exclusively due to long-term use.

For information yarrow herbs on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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Sidroga ® : Natural remedy from the plant specialist
Sidroga has stood for medicinal plant expertise and the highest quality since 1873. In addition to the established medicinal and wellness teas, the range of products and indications has now been expanded to include additional dosage forms in the field of compact phytotherapy. With the new range, Sidroga offers another valuable therapy option in the context of self-medication with phytotherapeutic agents. These are compact, herbal medicinal products to alleviate common complaints:
• Sidroga FemiPhyt ® for mild cramping menstrual cramps
• Sidroga CalmaPhyt ® for calming nervous restlessness
• Sidroga ColoPhyt ® for gastrointestinal complaints - especially irritable bowel syndrome

The selected Sidroga phyto-preparations are a natural alternative and easy to take. Like the extensive Sidroga ® tea range, they are only available in pharmacies.
Discover the compact Phytotherapy from Sidroga with the unique medicinal plant power from nature:
• compactly dosed herbal medicines
• 100% natural active ingredients
• proven Sidroga ® quality since 1873