SIDROGA organic Kids children's cold tea filter bag

Sidroga Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsprodukte mbH

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Sidroga Organic Kids Children's Cold Tea Filter Bag

Pack size:20X1.5 g 

Dosage form:tea

Elderflower, lime blossom, thyme, bitter fennel , mallow blossom
Areas of application:
Febrile colds where a sweat cure is desirable.

The Sidroga Organic Children's Cold Tea is a carefully composed mixture of elderflower, lime blossom, thyme, bitter fennel and mallow blossom. It can be used in children who have feverish colds who are over 12 months old and who require a sweat cure. Its main ingredients, elderflower and linden blossom, are known for their sweat-inducing effects.