Silcatil Cream 10ml prints, skin treatment


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  • Cream Silcatil facilitate the removal of corns, calluses and zrogowaceń epidermis. Special formula prevents the formation of new lesions. The natural oils in addition take care of hydration and regeneration of damaged skin.

Silcatil Cream prints, skin treatment Action:
The product uses a keratolytic action acid plant. They soften the skin, reduce the thickness of the stratum corneum, which makes it fast and efficiently you can remove all kinds of skin lesions such as corns, calluses and calluses. Cream prints Virasooth also provides skin care. Sweet almond oil moisturizes and soothes irritation. Other ingredients of the cream prevent the emergence of new changes, to help in the regeneration of the protective layer of the skin and inhibit its hyperkeratosis.

Silcatil Cream prints, skin treatment Application:
Silcatil cream corns recommended for people confronted with the problem of too calloused skin and exposed to the formation of fingerprints.

To use:
Apply to cleansed and dry skin twice a day. Apply a thin layer of cream on the affected areas. Massage and leave to soak. For extremely resistant changes after application of the preparation it is recommended to use a patch or dressing to extend the contact with the skin cream.