SILVER STOP liquid 200ml

AZ Medica

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  • SILVER STOP is a natural gray hair remedy.
  • It can be used by both women and men. Based on previous studies, the efficacy of the formulation was 98%.

The effect of the preparation is not a coloring effect. SILVER STOP works not only on the hair, but also on their roots to restore their natural color and radiance. There is also noticeable increase in thickness and elasticity of hair and partial elimination of dandruff. 

Composition: water, spirits, glycerine, sulfur, ammonium chloride, sorbitan, lead acetate (less than 0.6%), cosmetic aroma. 

How to use: 
- Apply liquid with a cotton swab or fingertips. 
- Use the amount of preparation to keep the hair moist but not wet. 
- Apply liquid to dry hair. 
- Min. 14 days, 
- use the liquid twice a day for 3 weeks, after which time the first effects are visible, 
- after hair restoration of natural color (about 3-4 weeks) to maintain the effect of the preparation use once a week, 
- due to intensive absorption by the hair bulbs in the first stage of the preparation (3-4 weeks), it is recommended to wash hair 1 -2 times a week, 
- to improve the effectiveness of the liquid, it is advisable to dry the hair naturally (reduce the use of the dryer), 
- after complete discontinuation of the treatment will be a slow return to the color of pre-treatment hair. 

Do not overuse alcohol, strong tea or coffee during treatment. The effectiveness of the preparation also reduces some smoking. Studies have shown that in people suffering from weak intestinal peristalsis the treatment of the preparation is a little weaker. 

Important precautions: 
- Not recommended for use on eyebrows, lashes and whiskers. 
- Do not use other coloring agents during the treatment. 
- Avoid contact with eyes. 
- In case of irritation, discontinue use.