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SILYMARIN-Loges hard capsules 200 pc

Dr. Loges + Co. GmbH

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silymarin-Loges ®

SILYMARIN-Loges active ingredient: milk thistle fruit dry extract.

SILYMARIN-Loges Areas of application:
For the supportive treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases, liver cirrhosis and toxic liver damage (caused by liver poisons). The drug is not intended for the treatment of acute poisoning.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

silymarin-Loges ®
Vegetable liver protection with the power of milk thistle

If silymarin, then silymarin-Loges

Selenium makes an important contribution to your health through the following properties:

• Concentrated milk thistle extract
• Supports the detoxification function of the liver cells
• Promotes liver regeneration
• Ideal to support the regeneration of a liver that is burdened by long-term medication, poor nutrition or excessive alcohol consumption • Very well tolerated - suitable for long-term protection. •
The liver is exposed to a variety of stresses

The liver is the central organ of metabolism. It is exceptionally active, detoxifying and constantly cleansing the body. Therefore, the liver is always exposed to a lot of stress. Although it is very capable of regeneration and able to cope with a lot - but stronger and longer-lasting loads, e.g. B. through rich food, luxury foods and regular intake of medicines can make the liver sick.

Natural strength for a healthy liver
silymarin-Loges contains a concentrated extract from the fruits of the milk thistle. The active ingredients of this medicinal plant have been used successfully in medicine to protect the liver for a long time. silymarin-Loges® is very well tolerated and can help keep the liver healthy. silymarin-Loges is therefore particularly suitable for the long-term protection of the liver and can also be a valuable aid in the recovery of the sick liver.

SILYMARIN-Loges Quadruple action

silymarin-Loges can ...

• Strengthen the outer covering of the liver cells. Liver toxins can no longer easily enter the cell interior.
• stimulate the formation of new liver cells and thus promote the restoration of healthy liver tissue.
• With its antioxidant properties, protect the liver cells from attack by aggressive metabolic products.

According to recent findings, silymarin also inhibits an abnormally increased metabolism of connective tissue in the liver.