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SILYMARIN STADA forte hard capsules

A healthy, functional liver is very important for the entire organism. Weighing around 1,500 g, it is the body's largest gland and an important metabolic organ. However, various factors disrupt the sensitive liver cells and their function, especially stimulants such as alcohol, foods that contain too much sugar and fat, and certain medications. Silymarin STADA ® forte, a dry extract from milk thistle fruits, can protect the liver cells from toxins and stimulate the formation of new liver cells. With the intake of 1 capsule Silymarin STADA ®forte once or twice a day can be used to support the treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases, liver cirrhosis and toxic liver damage (caused by poisons).


• Can protect the liver cells from toxins
• Can the formation inspired by liver cells
• 1 capsule contains 167 mg of silymarin
• For adults, suitable
• 1-2 x 1 daily capsule


The liver is the central metabolic organ as it breaks down, stores and restructures absorbed substances. In this way, it can break down and store fats ingested with food. It also forms cholesterol, which is used to create vital hormones and building blocks for cell walls. The liver stores sugar from food in the form of the storage molecule glycogen. Thus, the liver affects our blood sugar level. A healthy liver function is therefore also important in order to avoid or alleviate diabetes.

The liver is an extremely important storage organ. Because it stores vitamins such as the B vitamins or fat-soluble vitamins E, D, A and K. In addition, the organ stores vital trace elements such as copper and iron. When necessary, the liver releases these micronutrients. The liver is also responsible for the formation of important proteins for the body and forms the bile, which is essential for breaking down dietary fats.

A vital liver function is the breakdown and neutralization of old blood components, hormones, drugs and toxins, among other things. The organ does this with the help of special enzyme complexes.

The functions of the liver are varied and functional impairment can have far-reaching consequences. Hence, it is important to maintain and strengthen liver health.



As the central metabolic organ, the liver processes what we eat. However, if you use excessive alcohol, drugs such as If, for example, certain painkillers or antibiotics, fatty and sugary foods are consumed, the liver can become overloaded in the long run. The organ can take a lot. Liver damage often takes years to show. Some of the fat that the liver cannot metabolize is stored in the organ. If there is too little exercise and excess weight, the stored fat can hardly be broken down. Stress also slows down the metabolism and puts additional strain on the liver. In addition, toxic substances, such as radicals, are produced in excess through stress, which the liver must also neutralize so that they do not damage the liver cells additionally. Silymarin is an active ingredient complex from the fruits of the milk thistle. This can protect the liver cells from toxins and stimulate the formation of new liver cells. Silymarin STADA® forte is a dry extract from milk thistle fruits and contains 167 mg of the liver-protecting silymarin per capsule.



An unhealthy lifestyle and diabetes can overload the liver and increase the likelihood of developing what is known as fatty liver. This is divided into two forms: non-alcoholic and alcoholic fatty liver. The more fat is stored in the organ, the more inflammatory processes accumulate. These can become chronic. The liver reacts to the inflammation by increasing the formation of functionless connective tissue. In the long run, this can lead to scarring - so-called cirrhosis of the liver can develop. Functional liver tissue is increasingly being replaced by connective tissue. The liver begins to harden and shrink. Gradually, the liver tissue is destroyed and the liver function is restricted. Cirrhosis of the liver can also develop unnoticed from toxic liver damage. These can be the result of excessive consumption of stimulants, drugs or contact with pollutants, such as. B. toadstools or certain chemicals. In the case of toxic liver damage, Silymarin STADA® forte can be used alongside therapy. Another, less common cause of cirrhosis of the liver is chronic inflammation of the liver, which is caused by viruses. These include hepatitis B, C and D.



If the liver is overloaded and can no longer adequately fulfill its various metabolic functions, vital micronutrients and proteins cannot be provided in sufficient quantities. This can put a strain on the immune system and lead to frequent infections. In addition, the deficiency situation can give rise to signs of exhaustion. Fatigue, listlessness, concentration disorders, weakness, sadness and the feeling of being overwhelmed can also be caused by disorders of the liver function. Further signs of a functional disorder of the liver, which usually only show up after a long period of liver overload, can include yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes, pain in the right upper abdomen, weight loss, pale stools or dark colored urine.


A balanced diet is recommended to support liver function, i. H. Not to consume too much greasy and sugary foods. If you are overweight, weight reduction is advisable in order to relieve the liver. Regular physical activity stimulates the metabolism and can help to avoid fat deposits in the liver or to break down existing liver fat. Pleasure poisons such as coffee and alcohol should only be consumed moderately. Women should not drink more than 0.25 liters of beer or 0.125 liters of wine per day. For men, roughly double the amounts apply. 1

The liver function can also be supported by plant-based bitter substances. For example, milk thistle is rich in bitter substances that protect the liver. In addition to the bitter substances, milk thistle contains the active ingredient complex silymarin. This can protect the liver cells from toxins and stimulate the formation of new liver cells. Silymarin STADA ® forte is a dry extract from milk thistle fruits and contains 167 mg of the liver-protecting active ingredient complex silymarin per capsule.


Which active ingredients are contained in Silymarin STADA ® forte?
1 hard capsule Silymarin STADA ® forte contains:
242.8–285.7 mg of purified dry extract from milk thistle fruits (60–70: 1) corresponding to 167 mg of silymarin

How often can Silymarin STADA ® forte be taken per day ?
Adults take 1 capsule 1 to 2 times a day.

What should be considered when taking Silymarin STADA ® forte?
While taking Silymarin STADA ®forte, the metabolism of other drugs used at the same time can be changed, so that the dosage may have to be adjusted. Therefore, tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, have recently used, or intend to use any other medicines. In particular, consult your doctor if you are also taking medication for cardiac arrhythmias.

Avoid alcohol as it can damage the liver.

Silymarin STADA ® forte must not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to insufficient investigations.

Which preparations can I use as an alternative to the supportive treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases, liver cirrhosis and toxic liver damage (caused by liver poisons)?
Silymarin STADA ® is also suitable for the supportive treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases, liver cirrhosis and toxic liver damage (caused by liver toxins). The hard capsules are dosed lower with 117 mg silymarin each. Adults take 1 capsule of Silymarin STADA ® 2 to 3 times a day .

1Persistent exhaustion can be a sign of liver damage. ABDA May 30, 2013.