SINECOD syrup 200ml bronchitis symptoms in children 4+


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  • Indications for use are Sinecodu: treatment of acute cough of any origin. Suppression of cough in the pre- and postoperative patients undergoing surgery and bronchoscopy.

10 ml of syrup contains 15 mg citrate butamiratu. Action: non-opioid antitussive centrally acting. In addition, it decreases airway resistance, as evidenced by the rapid improvement of spirometric parameters and blood gas test results of blood. After oral administration of the drug is absorbed rapidly and completely. The maximum blood concentration of the main metabolite - 2-phenylbutyric - occurs after about 1.5 h (syrup). T 0.5 in the blood after administration of the syrup is 6 h. The drug does not accumulate in the body. The drug undergoes hydrolysis, leading predominantly to the formation of 2-phenyl-and dietyloaminoetoksyetanolu. These metabolites also exhibit antitussive. Metabolites, as butamirate unchanged to a large extent (about 95%), bind to plasma proteins.The metabolites are excreted primarily in the urine. Indications:Treatment of acute cough cough etiologii.Tłumienie of different pre- and postoperative patients undergoing surgery and bronchoscopy.Pregnancy and lactation: The safety of the product during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Avoid using the product in the first trimester of pregnancy; during the remaining period used only in justified cases. Avoid using the product during lactation. Dosage: Oral. Syrup (form of the product designed for older children and adults): children aged 4-6 yrs - 5 ml (7.5 mg) three times a day; 7-12 years of age - 10 ml (15 mg) three times a day; above 12 years of age - 15 ml (22.5 mg) three times a day. If necessary, it may be repeated after 8 h, up to 3 times a day. Adults: 15 ml (22.5 mg) 4 times per day; If necessary, it may be repeated after 6 hours, up to 4 times a day.