SINULAN DUO FORTE x 60 tablets, paranasal sinuses, sinus infection


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  • Paranasal sinuses, sinus infection. SINULAN DUO FORTE is a natural preparation that facilitates the removal of mucus from the nose and paranasal sinuses, restoring nasal cavity patency. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

2 film-coated tablets contain: 342.8 mg nasturtium extract, horseradish root extract 96 mg, elderberry extract 50 mg, 50mg flower extract, 50mg extract extract From the root of bitter gentian 50 mg

The product belongs to a wide group of complex dietary supplements. It features a unique natural composition. Contains an extract from the larger nasturtium herb, which supports the treatment of bronchial and lung diseases and exhibits disinfecting properties. Horseradish root extract is bactericidal and fungicidally active. Verbena extract relieves inflammation and helps to reduce the cough (also in the sinuses). It limits cough, rhinitis and sinuses. The extract of the root of yellow gentian fights bacteria and alleviates pain.

- Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation

Use the preparation to relieve nasal and sinus infections. Recommended for upper and lower respiratory tracts.

Oral use at a dose of 2 / 24h.