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SINUPRET coated tablets

Bionorica SE

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SINUPRET coated tablets


• Recommended for sinusitis
• Good tolerance
• Dissolves, opens, frees

Sinupret dissolves the mucus, opens the nose and clears the head.
Sinupret are tablets from Bionorica SE. For over 80 years, Sinupret, with its proven 5-plant combination, has been reliably effective against persistent colds and sinus infections. It loosens the stuck mucus and gently reduces the swelling of the inflamed mucous membranes. This allows the mucus to flow out, the nose is opened and the head becomes clear again.

Tip: For more effectiveness, take Sinupret eXtract and fight the sinus infection effectively because it is 4 times more concentrated than Sinupret forte*.

Sinupret - Recommended for sinusitis
The special ingredients:
• Gentian
• Cowslip
• Dock
• Elderberry
• Verbena

Instructions for use:
Children between 5-11 years: 3x1 coated tablet daily. Adults and adolescents aged 12 and over: 3x2 tablets daily. 1. Take Sinupret whole and with a little liquid, e.g. B. A glass of water. 2. The Sinupret tablet can be taken regardless of meals.

Information on ingredients and allergens
The product contains:
• Gelatin

Further information:
The product is:
• Produced from purely herbal ingredients

Active ingredients
18.0 mg verbena powder 6.0 mg gentian root powder 18.0 mg elderflower powder 18.0 mg primrose flowers with calyx powder 18.0 mg sorrel herb powder

calcium carbonate Chlorophyll powder 25% Dextrin Eudragit E 12.5 Gelatin 1,375 mg Glucose Syrup Indigo carmine, aluminum salt Potato starch 24,245 mg Lactose 1-water Magnesium oxide, light Corn starch Montan glycol wax Riboflavin Castor oil, refined 61,908 mg Sucrose Shellac Silicon dioxide, highly disperse 222.0 µg Sorbitol Ste aric acid talc titanium dioxide 0.01 BE Total Carbohydrates

*A 4-fold concentration does not equate to 4-fold effectiveness. The 4-fold concentration refers to Ø 720 mg of plant mixture used in Sinupret extract (corresponds to 160 mg of dry extract) compared to 156 mg of plant mixture in Sinupret forte, or to the bioflavonoids that determine the active properties.

For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet (the label for medicinal waters) and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

If you are using veterinary medicine, read the package leaflet and ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.