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Sinupret syrup (Saft)

Pack size:100 mlDosage form:syrup

• Tough, stuck mucus is loosened for faster well-being
• For children from 2 years of age: plant-based, gentle on teeth & delicious taste
• Nose and head are freed for easier sleeping through

Effective help with sinusitis
Sinupret Saft is a syrup from Bionorica SE.
Thanks to its unique combination of plants and plants, which has been tried and tested for over 80 years, Sinupret juice is effective against a stubborn cold and sinus infections. Sinupret juice loosens the stuck mucus and lets the inflamed mucous membranes swell so that worse things such as B. otitis media can be avoided. This allows the mucus to drain away, the nose is opened and the head becomes free again. Your child will feel better faster and sleep through is finally possible again!

Tip: Give your child Sinupret juice as a supplement to nasal drops.

SINUPRET syrup - dissolves, opens and frees

The SINUPRET syrup special ingredients:
• Gentian
• Cowslip
• Dock
• Elder
• Verbena

Consumption SINUPRET syrup recommendation:
It is best to give your child Sinupret juice in the morning at noon and in the evening. It can be taken independently of meals. Sinupret juice is dosed using a practical measuring cup. Please note the dosage according to the age.

Information on ingredients and allergens
The product contains:
• Sugar (substances)

Further SINUPRET syrup information:
The product is:

• Suitable for a vegan lifestyle

Active ingredients produced from purely herbal ingredients :
7.96 g verbena extract, (1: 38.5), extracting agent: ethanol 59% (V / V) 2.65 g gentian root extract, (1: 38.5), extracting agent: ethanol 59% (V / V) 7.96 g elderflower extract , (1: 38.5), extraction agent: ethanol 59% (V / V) 7.96 g primrose blossom extract, (1: 38.5), extraction agent: ethanol 59% (V / V) 7.96 g sorrel extract, (1: 38.5), extracting agent : Ethanol 59% (V / V)
Ethanol 65.4 g Maltitol solution 4.17 BE Total carbohydrates Water, purified cherry aroma

For SINUPRET syrup risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.