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Sinus disease, sinus infection, sinusitis, SINUCOL ZATOKI x 60 tablets


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  • Sinus disease, sinus infection, sinusitis. Sinucol Zatoki is a preparation containing plant extracts helping with diseases of the upper respiratory tract and with sinus diseases. Vitamin C from acerola extract contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.

microcrystalline cellulose (filling substance), acerola fruit extract (25% vitamin C), gentian root extract, mullein mullein extract, elderberry flower extract, verbena herb extract, andrograpis paniculata leaf extract, corn starch, linden flower extract, magnesium salts of fatty acids (anti-caking substance), rutin, cross-linked carboxymethylcellulose sodium (a bulking agent, silicon dioxide (anti-caking substance), glazing agents, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose titanium dioxide, chlorophyllin (polyoxyethylene sorbitol monooleate, copper chlorophyllin copper complexes, glycol 1, 2 - propylene, potassium hydroxide), dye, fatty acids, polyethylene glycol, polyvinylpyrrolidone.

Content in 1 tablet:
Acerola extract 80 mg, gentian root extract 60 mg, mullein flower extract 55 mg Elder flower extract 55 mg, verbena herb extract 55 mg, andrograpis paniculata leaf extract 50 mg, 20 mg linden flower extract, Rutin 10 mg

Sinucol Gulf, contains gentian root extracts, mullein flower, elderberry, lime and verbena herb, which have a protective and coating effect on the upper respiratory tract and stimulate their secretory functions. In addition, the use of the preparation also affects the health of the sinuses and supports their cleansing, and the extract of acerola contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and to reducing fatigue and fatigue.

1 tablet 2 times a day.