Skin lesions PETROLEUM D-4 100ml


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  • Skin lesions PETROLEUM D-4 is a homeopathic preparation intended for internal and external use. It has immunostimulating properties. Supports the alleviation of gastrointestinal disorders and skin lesions.

Skin lesions PETROLEUM D-4 Composition:
Distilled kerosene. The product contains 64% (v / v) ethanol

Skin lesions PETROLEUM D-4 Operation:
DESTYLED PETROLEUM D-4 NAFTA is one of homeopathic products. It favors the strengthening of resistance to pathogenic microorganisms (eg viruses, bacteria). It supports the functioning of the immune system. Good results are obtained during treatment of the prostate gland, kidney disease, and urethra. It helps to alleviate the complaints of motion sickness and hyperacidity. Responsible for normalizing menstrual cycles and supporting the treatment of women's diseases. It reduces the symptoms of the perimenopausal period. DYTROLLED PETROLEUM D-4 used externally brings relief in the case of pain in the joints and muscles. It has a positive effect on skin lesions such as eczema, psoriasis, herpes, decubitus ulcers.

Skin lesions PETROLEUM D-4 Contraindications:
- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use the product as prescribed by your doctor. Usually indicated for pain in joints and muscles and skin lesions in the form of psoriasis, herpes, decubitus ulcers. Also recommended during prostate treatment, kidney disease, urethra, dizziness, motion sickness and hyperacidity, heartburn, flatulence, indigestion.

Directions for use:
Use externally to rub into sore spots. For internal use, use
15-20 drops per tablespoon of water 1 hour. before or 2-3 hours after the meal x 2-3 / 24h. Accept for a month, discontinue for 7 days, then resume treatment.