Skinman Soft disinfectant 500ml


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  • Skinman Soft disinfectant is responsible for effective control of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi) present on the surface of the hands. Has an antiseptic effect.

100g of solution contains: active substance: isopropyl alcohol-60.0g, benzalkonium chloride- 0.15g, undecylic acid-0.1g. Excipients: 85% glycerol, myristic alcohol, fragrance, patent blue, purified water.

Skinman Soft disinfectant is a product characterized by a complex composition. Thanks to the active substances contained in it (isopropyl alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, undecylic acid) it has bactericidal, tuberculocidal and fungicidal properties. and virucidal. Skinman Soft disinfectant is intended for external use.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use the product to disinfect the skin of the hands.

Directions for use: 
Use externally. For hygienic disinfection of hands, use 3ml of the product. Rub the liquid in your hands for about half a minute. For surgical hand sanitizing, use 5ml of the product. Rub the liquid in your hands for 1 minute. Repeat x 2. Hands must be kept wet during disinfection. In order to fight mycobacteria, use 3ml of the product. Rub the liquid in your hands for 2 minutes. Repeat x 2. In the case of herpes virus contamination, the liquid in your hands for 1 minute. In order to inactivate HBV and HIV, use 2 x 5 ml of liquid. Rub the product in your hands within 5 minutes.

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