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Electronic Body Slimming Pulse Massage for Muscle Relax Pain Relief Stimulator Tens Acupuncture Therapy Machine

It not only has the function of acupuncture, thump, massage, cupping, slimming, but also has unique immune regulating function, and the medical physical therapy electrodes, which make the therapy effect more wonderful. It is suitable for whom is lack of sleep, has hypertension, has the cervical pain. The massager based on the physics, bionics, biological electrical, traditional Chinese medicine science of channels and collaterals principle.

Digital display for treatment guide.
Default physiotherapy time is 15 minute.
It' s portable, effective and good for health.
Suitable for waist, shoulders, legs, foot massage and physical therapy.
4 therapeutic modes: Vibrate thump, shiatsu, massage, pat and scrape therapy.
The electronic pulse promotes your blood circulation, relieves your pain and promotes your metabolism.
Usage: Switch knob, clockwise direction to start, increasing the intensity of the power direction, counterclockwise weakened and stop working.

Current: 300mA.
Frequency: 1 - 50Hz.
Power supply: DC 4.5V.
Pulse intensity: 10 levels.
Powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Please stick two electrode pads at the same time on the one people and the same side of the skin. Then turn the power.
Remember electrode pads are not hot-touch access.
Do not use where are wet such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Preparing and setting the electrodes
First, correctly connect the electrode cord to the electrode pads or magnetism shoes.
Second, insert the plug of the electrode cord into the unit' electrode jack.
Third, pull off the film from the electrode pads.
Fourth, use a damp towel to wipe the area of skin on which you will be affixing the pads to remove any oil, cosmetic or dirt.
Fifth,should the electrode pads be soiled, both their adhesiveness and the number of times of possible use will be reduced.
Sixth, apply the electrode pads to the area of the body you wish to massage. The unit can't operate unless both pads from at least one change are applied.

Button description: total 13 buttons
1."Shoulder" button: suit for massage on shoulder and back. Press speed "+" or "-" button to adjust the intensity. And speed is automatically reduced or increased. It takes 30 minutes to complete a full treatment. Transfer mode per 5 minutes.
2."Waist" button: designed for waist massage. Waist massage state will be shown on screen. And change mode per 5 minutes. Press speed "+" or "-" button to adjust the intensity.
3."Joint" button: designed for joint massage. Change mode per 5 minutes. Press speed "+" or "-" button to adjust the intensity.
4."Hand and Foot" button suitable for hand and foot massage. The state of hand and foot massage state can be changed per 5 minutes. Total 4 modes.
5."Leg" button: adjust to leg massage. Massage mode change every 5 minutes. Press speed "+" or "-" button to adjust the intensity. And speed is automatically reduced or increased.
6. Repeat button: it is useful only under the state of above 5 states. Press this button to repeat above 5 different massage function.
7.The massage time displayed on screen.
8.The massage speed displayed on screen.
9.Speed and intensity: both include high ( + ) and low ( - ) button. Press high button to increase grade and low button to reduce grade.
10."Thump" button: press it to start to thump massage.
11."Vibrate" button: press it to start to vibration massage.
12."Rub" button: press it to start to rub massage.
13."Press" button: press it to start to press massage.
14.On or off: turn on the button to start the device, turn off to stop working. There are 8 grades for electronic intensity.

Trouble shooting:
Problem check and remedy.
No stimulation at all.
1.Are the pads and the cord connected properly?
Check the connection to make sure it is correct.
2.Are the electrodes set properly?
See before instructions on how to set them properly.
3.Have the batteries run down?
If so, replace them with new one.
4.Are the batteries installed properly?
See before instructions on how to insert them properly.

The display and treatment mode light up but there is no stimulation.
1.Are the electrodes set properly?
The power to the connected channel automatically turns off approx. 10 seconds if one of the two electrode pads is removed from the skin. Therefore, set them closely to your skin.
2.The intensity level is at what position?
Press on the intensity control button and stop at a point where there is moderate stimulation.
3.Are the electrode pads overlapping?
Affix the pads so that they do not overlap in any way.

Skin turns red.
1.Is the treatment time too long?
Limit your treatment time to 10 - 15 minutes.
2.Have the pads dried?
Wet the surface of the pads and try again. If that does not solve the problem of if the pads are quite soiled, replace them with new one.
3.Are the pads affixed firmly?
Set them so that they fit closely to your skin.

People who suffer from any of the following diseased should not use the electrode pulse.
Showing any symptoms should not use the electrode pulse
Massager for low- frequency treatment:
1.Heart disease
2.Users of pacemakers
3.High fever
4.Acute ( painful ) diseases
5.Abnormal blood pressure
6.Menstruation, pregnancy or after giving birth
7.On or around cuts and / or skin diseases
8.Malignant tumors
9.When the body is wet from bathing, showering or sweating
10.Tuberculous disease
11.People receiving medical treatment should consult the physician before using it.

1.Please remove batteries if product is not in use for a long time.
2.Never apply the electrode pads to your skin with the power supply on, otherwise, it may result in sudden shock.
3.Make sure not to move the electrode pads to another part of your body or to another person's body before turning off the power.
4.Should you feel any abnormality in either the main unit or your body, stop using immediately.
5.Do not use the unit in a room with high humidity or when bathing, driving or sleeping.


Product Detail

Item Type: Massage Relaxation
Materials: Plastic
Product weight: 0.3560 kg
Package weight: 0.5350 kg
Product Size ( L x W x H ): 15.00 x 10.00 x 5.00 cm / 5.91 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches
Package Size ( L x W x H ): 17.00 x 14.00 x 8.00 cm / 6.69 x 5.51 x 3.15 inches
Package Content: 1 x Massager, 2 x Connecting Cable, 8 x Electrode Pads, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Power Adapter