Smith and Nephew CUTICERIN 7.5x7.5 cm

Smith and Nephew

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Smith and Nephew, CUTICERIN 7.5x7.5 cm gauze with ointment coating

The impregnated ointment compress

Cuticerin consists of monophilic acetate threads with a defined mesh size of 1 x 1 mm and a water-repellent eucerite-containing ointment layer. 

Due to the hydrophobic ointment coating, cuticerin does not stick to the wound and protects against drying out. The smooth acetate fabric minimizes the risk of ingrowth of granulation tissue due to the small mesh size. 

Cuticerin is permeable to air and secretion, so that air and wound exudate can escape unhindered. The ointment compress achieves largely pain-free dressing changes and thus undisturbed resting of the wound.