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Smith and Nephew IODOSORB ointment

Smith & Nephew Ltd

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Smith and Nephew Iodosorb ointment

IODOSORB ointment is suitable for use on chronic, exuding wounds.
The cleansing properties of the ointment reduce the bacterial load in wounds and promote rapid healing. The product continuously delivers iodine to the wound.
Excess wound fluid and cellular debris are removed from the wound and bacteria on the wound surface are reduced.
IODOSORB ointment assumes a soft gel-like consistency on the wound. The formed gel creates an ideally moist wound healing environment, which accelerates the wound healing process.

Smith and Nephew IODOSORB ointment:

- Cleans the wound through antiseptic long -term effect
- Stimulates granulation and thus supports rapid wound growth
- Effective against a wide range of germs, including MRSA
- Antiseptic long-term effect thanks to cadexomer iodine complex
- Odor reduction in the wound
- Reduced pain sensation in the wound -
IODOSORB Smith and Nephew ointment Reduces significantly the size of ulcers
- Can be used on infected wounds
- Latex free