Smith & nephew OPSITE Post-OP 5x6.5 cm bandage

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Smith & nephew OPSITE Post-OP 5x6.5 cm bandage

Wound dressing for postoperative wounds with low to moderate exudation.

properties Smith & nephew OPSITE Post-OP 5x6.5 cm bandage and benefits

OPSITE Post-OP is a post-operative wound dressing with a particularly absorbent wound pad.

The bacteria-proof film prevents the penetration of germs from outside (including MRSA) and thus protects against secondary infections.

The transparent, waterproof film also allows the patient to shower.

High water vapor permeability prevents moisture accumulation and thus prevents skin maceration.

The particularly skin-friendly adhesive reduces the risk of skin irritation.

The grid-shaped adhesive application also minimizes pain when removing.

The elasticity of the film reduces the risk of tension bubbles.

  • Water and bacteria-proof shower plaster
  • Reduced risk of stress bubbles
  • High water vapor permeability reduces risk of maceration
  • Supple, secure fit even on contoured body parts
  • Padding, low-adhesion wound pad for atraumatic dressing changes
  • Latex-free formulation

application Smith & nephew OPSITE Post-OP 5x6.5 cm bandage areas

Postoperative wounds with low to moderate exudation, e.g. B. after orthopedic operations (hip, knee joint, shoulder and spine operations, after heart and thoracic operations as well as gynecological interventions).

  • lacerations
  • abrasions