Sniffles? COLD ENDRINE, nasal spray, nasal mucosa, vasoconstriction, decongestant

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Sniffles? COLD ENDRINE 0.1% nasal spray 10 ml, nasal mucosa, vasoconstriction, decongestant

✓ For short-term therapy for swelling of the nasal mucosa
✓ Clears the nose when you have a cold
✓ Has a vasoconstrictive and decongestant
effect ✓ Effect occurs within 5 to 10 minutes
✓ Suitable for adults and children from 6 years of age

Sniffles? Do not sniff with endrine ® 0.1% nasal spray!

A cold is annoying and hinders our everyday life. Sore throats, coughs and runny noses bother us and each symptom has to be treated individually. The cold in particular is usually perceived as annoying. Together with a sinus infection, a blocked nose quickly develops with a feeling of pressure in the eyes and ears. This oppressive feeling can easily be combated with snuff endrine ® 0.1% nasal spray. It relieves the blocked nose and thus the oppressive feeling in the eyes and ears. With the reliable active ingredient xylometazoline, it has a fast and long-lasting effect.


Classic effect with long-lasting duration

Xylometazoline is an active ingredient from the genus of alpha sympathomimetics. In the course of a cold, viruses settle in the nasal mucosa and irritate it. The nasal mucosa tries to defend itself and emits substances that cause the mucous membrane to swell. The stuffy nose develops. In addition, more viscous sticky secretion is formed. Xylometazoline is absorbed by the nasal mucosa and causes the blood vessels in the mucous membrane to contract, narrow. The nose is freed and the viscous mucus can drain off. The normal function of the nose is restored and you can breathe freely. Once applied to the snuff endrine ® 0.1% nasal spray, the effect lasts for up to 12 hours. 


snuff endrine ® 0.1% nasal spray

  • for short-term therapy for swelling of the nasal mucosa
  • suitable for colds
  • quick and long-lasting effect
  • handy nasal spray for on the go
  • reduces the feeling of pressure in the head


Application and dosage of snuff endrine ® 0.1% nasal spray

snuff endrine ®  Spray 0.1% for use in children from 6 years and adults apply a spray of the solution into each nostril 2 to 3 times a day. The single dose specified for snuff endrine ®  Spray 0.1% must not be administered more than 3 times a day. snuff endrine® Spray 0.1% must not be used for longer than 7 days.


Mandatory text: snuff endrine ® Active ingredient: xylometazoline hydrochloride. Active substance : 1 ml nasal spray/1 spray of 90 microlitres contains: Xylometazoline  hydrochloride 1.0 mg/0.09 mg. Areas of application: For short-term therapy for congestion of the nasal mucous membranes. Intended for adults and school children. Contraindications: Allergy to xylometazoline hydrochloride, eucalyptus oil, levomenthol or any of the other ingredients of endrine ®Aerosol 0.1%. Certain form of a chronic cold (rhinitis sicca). Condition after surgical removal of the pituitary gland through the nose or other surgical procedures that expose the meninges. Children under 6 years old. Patients with bronchial asthma or other respiratory diseases associated with marked airway hypersensitivity. Warnings: Contains benzalkonium chloride, levomenthol and eucalyptus oil. Note leaflet. Pharmacy only. Status: September 2015. Chiesi GmbH, Hamburg. For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!