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SODERMIX cream for scars and keloids 30ml


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SODERMIX cream for scars and keloids 30ml

The skin is subject to a number of external influences and toxic mechanisms that are mediated by free radicals. These are most often diseases such as fibrosis, keloid scars and hyperkeratinization processes.

Air pollution, cigarette smoke, toxic waste, as well as excessive sun exposure or radioactive treatment, create the precondition for the formation of free radicals and cause skin damage.

Antioxidants are chemicals that prevent the appearance of these free radicals and have the ability to maintain or restore the physiological state of the skin.

SODERMIX cream for scars and keloids Act:

SODERMIX contains a patented plant active substance rich in antioxidants, in particular SOD (superoxide dismutase) and catalase.

The microcapsule form of the product contains and protects the plant active substance, which is released upon contact with the skin.

Sodermix has an innovative mechanism of action by which it restores physiological levels of free radicals in epidermal cells.
Sodermix helps in the treatment of fibrosis, keloid scars and hyperkeratosis of the skin (psoriasis, ichthyosis)

SODERMIX cream for scars and keloids Usage:

SODERMIX: It should be applied twice a day on the affected area.

After its full penetration, a skin cream or make-up can be applied.