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Sodium chloride | Isotonic multifunctional solution 5ml x 30 vials

Polfa Łódź

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  • Sodium chloride. The isotonic multifunctional solution by Polfa Łódź can be used in adults, children as well as in infants. It is a product recommended, among others for the hygiene of the nose, eyes, ears and for washing the wounds. A preparation in the form of vials with a capacity of 5ml.

Sodium chloride - 0.9g, purified water - qs to 100ml.

Sterile Multifunctional isotonic solution without preservatives from Polfa Łódź is a product with a wide range of applications. It will be useful in every home, for example, for eye wash or wound cleansing. The medical device can also be used in children and infants. With his help, you can take care of the hygiene of, among others, the nose and ears.

Medical device Isotonic multifunctional solution for use: for cleaning or dropping dry or blood-stained nose; for cleaning, washing and instilling eyes; for ear hygiene; for cleansing wounds; for inhalation in aerosol therapy. For adults, children and babies.

Additional information:
Does not contain preservatives. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Can be used for eye hygiene in people wearing contact lenses.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the medical device. Do not use for injection.

Each time, before applying the solution, wash your hands and then unscrew the top of the vial to open it. Hygiene of the eyes and nose: wash daily, can be used 1-6 times a day. Nose hygiene - dropping or cleaning the dry or congested nose: after slightly tilting the head back, insert the tip of the vial into the nasal cavity and push the solution into it. Bend your head forward so that the mucus can float freely, after 10 minutes, do not blow your nose out violently. Repeat the operation in the second nasal cavity. In infants, the nose should be dripped very carefully. Eye hygiene - instillation, cleansing, washing: let a few drops of solution into the eye, it is recommended to use sterile gauze to rub the area around the eye. If other eye preparations are used, the first to be used isotonic solution, and only after 15 minutes more drops. Ear hygiene - rinsing: use to remove any debris from the ear after use of the surfactant solution. Wound cleansing: Pour the whole vial over the wound, excess amount can only be wiped off from the healthy skin surrounding the wound. Inhalation: use alone or as a solvent for inhalation in the form of an aerosol.