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SOGOON 480 mg Osteoarthritis, devils claws dried roots

Aristo Pharma GmbH

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Sogoon ® 480 mg devils claws dried roots for Osteoarthritis film- coated tablets (Ap).
Active ingredient: devil's claw root dry extract. For adults for supportive therapy b. Signs of wear and tear on the musculoskeletal system.

Contains lactose. Note leaflet.

Aristo Pharma GmbH, Wallenroder Strasse 8-10, 13435 Berlin.

For devils claws dried roots for Osteoarthritis information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

SOGOON film-coated Osteoarthritis, devils claws dried roots tablets
Sogoon ® -Help from nature for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common chronic joint diseases. It can be proven in more than 90% of people over 65 years of age 1. However, the first symptoms appear much earlier - between the ages of 50 and 60. 2

The classic signs of osteoarthritis include:
• Pain, increasing as the disease progresses
• Restriction of movement through to stiffening
• Knees, hips and wrists in particular are affected
• Progressive cartilage loss

Why osteoarthritis occurs in some people and not in others, is still today not finally clarified. However, it is known that these chronic joint and movement pains are associated with joint wear and tear, which can be caused by age, overload, obesity, hormonal factors, but also certain underlying diseases.
A change in lifestyle is therefore an important key in treatment. In addition to the standard therapy, Sogoon ® 480 mg film- coated tablets with the active ingredient of the devil's claw can help to maintain mobility and thus increase the quality of life of those affected.

Sogoon ® - devils claws dried roots your herbal alternative for more mobility and less pain, for Osteoarthritis

Sogoon ®480 mg film-coated tablets contain the dry extract of the devil's claw root. They have an analgesic, decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect. Due to their good tolerance, they can also be used for a longer period of time. Important: the effect does not take effect immediately, but after a few days of regular use, the symptoms can be noticeably alleviated.

For Osteoarthritis Adults take one devils claws dried roots film-coated tablet each morning and evening, preferably with meals.