SOLCOSERYL Ointment 5% 20g sciatica pain relief

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  • SOLCOSERYL ointment, promotes wound healing, accelerates the regeneration of the epithelium and relieve pain and reduce swelling around the wound. The ointment SOLCOSERYL is also recommended for the treatment of the initial state of leg ulcers, pressure sores, and trophic skin damage.

SOLCOSERYL Composition:
1 g of ointment contains, based on dry weight, 2.07 mg of a protein-free dialysate from the blood of calves and other ingredients: cholesterol, cetyl alcohol, white soft paraffin, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, distilled water.

Response SOLCOSERYL: Solcoseryl ointment, the preparation of which the active substance is antigen-free, protein-free dialysate from the blood of calves. Ointment is used in various types of wounds - especially the wounds dry and in the initial stage of treatment: leg ulcers, pressure sores and ulcers after radiotherapy, Solcoseryl can also be used in case of damage trophic skin resulting from disorders of blood circulation in the course of atherosclerosis.Ointment stimulates the cells of oxygen metabolism and effectively facilitates the processes of regeneration and repair within the damaged body and reduces the pain of the wound and swelling around her.

SOLCOSERYL Application: Solcoseryl ointment, apply the alternative in the treatment of skin wounds, in the initial stage of the formation of ulcers of venous origin and other poorly healing skin lesions. The preparation can also be used in case of burns first and second degree frostbite and trophic changes in patients with diseases occlusive arterial and with bedsores.

Usage and dosage SOLCOSERYL: Adults and children over 12 years: Apply 2 times a day a thin layer on a cleaned wound.