SOLEDUM capsules junior 100 mg 20 pc


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Soledum ® capsules junior

Soledum capsules junior: Better to grab the common cold by the roots! Because children in particular need more than just "symptom suppression". Soledum capsules junior tackle the common cold right at the root and that with the pure power of nature!
In this way you can alleviate symptoms and at the same time fight the causes so that the cold can be counteracted at an early stage. Soledum - active ingredient 100% pure cineole: the power of nature.
The secret of the strong Soledum effect is cineole, a 100% pure and natural active ingredient with clinically proven effectiveness and good tolerance. Soledum capsules junior contain the cineole in concentrated form and have a fundamentally liberating effect in the head and bronchi:
• expectorant
• anti-inflammatory
• can act against bacteria and viruses