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Solgar Nutri-Nano CoQ-10 x 50 capsules, koenzim q10, coenzyme q10


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  • Nutri-Nano CoQ-10 (koenzim q10, coenzyme q10) supplement for those who do not provide the body with adequate amounts of coenzyme Q-10. The product can be used additionally in some diseases of the cardiovascular system.

active substances in one capsule: coenzyme Q-10 Nutri-Nano ™ (ubiquinone) - 30mg.

Auxiliary substances of natural origin:
polysorbate 80 (neutral) (emulsifier); triglycerides of medium-chain; gelatin, vegetable glycerol (gel capsule); Pepper, titanium dioxide (dyes).

Dietary supplement Nutri-Nano CoQ-10 comes with a series of platinum, which uses nanotechnology to achieve. Use of such small molecules (micelle Nutri-Nano CoQ-10 is 30 nm wide) allows the penetration of the active substance in many cells of the body, which significantly increases the bioavailability of the formulation. One micelle consists of as many as 400 molecules of CoQ-10. The nanoparticles are characterized by properties which are not shared larger particles of the same substance. In the case of a dietary supplement Nutri-Nano CoQ-10 molecule of the coenzyme Q-10 are amphiphilic, which is soluble in water and fats. This is because the individual molecules in a micelle are closed. Coenzyme Q-10 is very important to the overall health of the organism, because its deficiency are m. Al. diseases of the cardiovascular system, including hypertension and cardiomyopathy.

Food supplement Nutri-Nano CoQ-10 recommended to make up for deficiencies of coenzyme Q-10 in the body.

Information about allergens:
The product contains soy. Dietary supplement contains no: sugar, salt, starch, corn, yeast, wheat, dairy products. Gluten-free preparation free from artificial preservatives, flavors and colorants.

For oral use one capsule per day.