Solgar Selenium 200μg associated with yeast x 50 tablets

Solgar for your health

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  • With the original yeast kennels, which are specialized purpose of obtaining selenium, get the whole complex compounds of this element. One tablet is up to 200 mcg of selenium.

1 tablet contains brewer's yeast (from wheat, barley) - 628,6mg, selenium (selenium yeast) - 200mcg.

The product contains selenium yeast, which are a rich source of various types of organic compounds of selenium - selenomethionine, selenopeptydów, selenolipidów or selenide.The content of complex compounds in the supplement selenium significantly increases its multidirectional impact on the body. Individual unions are involved in various metabolic processes, and it allows them to stay in the blood for various periods of time. Another advantage of the use of several compounds of selenium instead of one, is that they can participate in various metabolic processes, particularly as a component selenozależnych particles, enzymes or proteins selenium. They support metabolic function, brain, circulatory system, reproductive processes and the functioning and defense mechanisms of the immune system.

Dietary supplement selenium 200mcg recommended as a dietary supplement with selenium.

Information about allergens:
The product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Product kosher. It does not contain sugar, salt, starch, soy milk products. The supplement is devoid of added artificial fragrances, coloring and preservatives.

It is recommended to take one tablet a day.