SOLPHADERMOL liquid 5% 2ml, molluscum contagiosum, skin lesion removal


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Solphadermol liquid (molluscum contagiosum, skin lesion removal) is used for painless, non-invasive removal of skin lesions caused by infectious mollusc virus (molluscum contagiosum).

NOTE: SolphaDermol is not intended for removal of normal warts (verrucae).
Solphadermol causes damage to infected cells and induces a local defensive reaction of the skin in the area of ​​changes caused by the mollusc.
The aim of the treatment is to induce a painless inflammation limited to the area of ​​flowering. When the inflammation disappears, the skin eruptions of the mollusc are healed.

1. Before the first use

Remove the bottle closure and replace it with the enclosed cap with a spatula. A simple cap without a spatula will no longer be needed. Enter the date of the first use on the packaging in a designated place. The shelf life of the preparation SOLPHADERMOL is 4 weeks from the first opening. Ensure good lighting when applying the preparation.

2. Wetting the spatula in Solphadermol. Solphadermol liquid (molluscum contagiosum, skin lesion removal):

Place the bottle on a hard and stable surface. Open the childproof lock (press and simultaneously turn to the left). Carefully wipe the wet spatula against the inside of the bottle opening. The droplet must not be visible on the spatula.

3. Application of the preparation SOLPHADERMOL for contagious mollusc bumps.

Touch the bumps of the mollusc with a flat part of the spatula and then leave the solution to dry. After applying the nubs to the 3 to 5 spatulas, immerse in the preparation again. After use, cover the bottle with the cap with the spatula. Always store Solphadermol tightly closed in an upright position out of reach and invisible to children.

4. Repeat the

Solphadermol application twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening.
5. Termination of the use of the preparation SOLPHADERMOL.

Discontinue the use of the preparation when an inflammatory condition appears indicating the healing process. Inflammation is manifested by redness that lasts at least 12 hours. Finish the use of the preparation SOLPHADERMOL no later than after 14 days, even if the inflammation does not appear. In this case, consult a physician who will decide on further treatment.

6. Wait for the mucous skin changes to subside
Inflammation indicates that the body fights mollusc nodules. Wait patiently for the changes to disappear.