Soothing cream for skin prone to irritation 50ml

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  • Soothing cream for skin prone to irritation, it is an innovative, delicate and based on natural components cosmetics, dedicated to delicate, sensitive, reddened skin and imperfections. The cream relieves pruritus, burning and inflammation of the skin.

Sea Mayweed- marine plant extract, RonaCare Bisabolul.

Action: Soothing
cream for skin prone to irritation, this preparation is recommended for daily care of sensitive, oily, acne and needy skin. The cosmetic helps to endure the nagging sensation of itching, burning and eliminates excessive redness of the skin. The active ingredients of the cream are Sea Mayweed - a plant extract that soothes irritated skin and RonaCare Bisabolul, which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. After applying the cosmetic, the skin gains an adequate level of hydration, the irritations are soothed, and the complexion becomes healthy with every day.

Soothing cream for skin prone to irritation, accelerates the healing process of inflammation and regenerates the skin. The cream soothes irritations and makes the skin more resistant.

How to use:
Apply in the morning and in the evening on cleansed skin.