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SpeediCath disposable catheter children, adolescents, Teenagers

Coloplast GmbH

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SpeediCath disposable catheter  Teenagers, children and adolescents

Pack size:30 pcs Dosage form:catheter

Size: 12 Ch, Length: 30 cm, Tip: Nelaton, Category: Disposable catheter without bag

SpeediCath disposable catheter children, adolescents, Teenagers


Contents: 30 pieces

Hydrophilically coated disposable catheter, ready for immediate use. Especially for children and young people.

SpeediCath disposable catheter children, adolescents, Teenagers:


  • Manufacturer: Coloplast
  • Size: 12 Ch
  • Length: 30cm
  • Tip: Nelaton
  • Category: Disposable catheter without bag
  • Version: Hydrophilic coated
  • Ready to use: Yes
  • Suitable for: boys
  • Product line: SpeediCath

Coated, PVC-free disposable catheter with a straight tip for intermittent self-catheterization in children and adolescents. Ready to use at any time thanks to its embedding in a sterile liquid. With fully coated catheter eyes and opening aid.


SpeediCath disposable catheter for children and adolescents | Fast, safe and easy to use


A process was developed specifically for SpeediCath* in which the catheter coating is only applied at the very end. This creates a perfect transition between the gentle eyes with rounded outer edges and the catheter surface. Thanks to this innovative production technology, a particularly smooth catheter body glides over your urethral mucosa. This not only makes insertion more comfortable, but also minimizes the risk of traumatic injury to the urethra.

A crucial safety aspect when catheterizing is the gliding ability of the catheter. That's why the particularly uniform SpeediCath coating has the same moisture environment as the urethral mucosa. In this way, you can insert SpeediCath into the urethra and remove it again with extremely low frictional resistance and therefore with a significantly lower risk of injury. In addition, compared to conventionally coated disposable catheters, SpeediCath helps reduce symptomatic urinary tract infections, thereby offering you greater safety and quality of life.

SpeediCath is already embedded in a sterile saline solution and is therefore ready to use at any time without waiting. Since you don't need any additional fluid to activate the sliding layer, the risk of infection is also reduced. The packaging, design and technology of the catheter also make it particularly easy and convenient to use.

Important note - The packaging has changed!

New packaging for the SpeediCath® - more user-friendly and significantly softer.

Coloplast has changed the packaging design of the disposable SpeediCath® catheter, offering users even more convenience. The opening ring is now larger and more stable than before. The developers also shortened the pull tab on the bottom side so that it is easier to use.

The adhesion of the adhesive point has been strengthened for even greater security. Thanks to halving the aluminum content, the edges of the packaging are now significantly softer. At the same time, the amount of waste is reduced: every SpeediCath user saves as much aluminum in one year as is in 150 Cola cans.

The new, predominantly white color scheme ensures a more inconspicuous appearance; only the opening aid and the adhesive dot are in turquoise and are therefore more visible. To reduce possible splashes on clothing when opening the packaging, Coloplast has also reduced the amount of saline solution by half. This does NOT affect the gliding ability.

Easy to open even with limited hand function

Please disinfect your hands first and then the genital area. The SpeediCath catheters are equipped with a special opening aid so that even users with limited hand function or dexterity can easily open the packaging. The packaging can then be pulled open using the opening aid with one hand until just below the connector and the catheter can be removed. If hand function is limited, a practical SpeediCath insertion aid is available. This is pushed over several fingers like a clip and the connector clicks into it. The catheter can now be inserted in a targeted manner without touching non-sterile areas. The elasticity of the SpeediCath allows it to be folded multiple times for up to three hours without affecting the functionality of the catheter.