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SPEEDICATH Tiemann Men Ch 12 40cm

Coloplast GmbH

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SPEEDICATH Tiemann Men Ch 12 40cm

Pack size:30 pcs Dosage form:catheter

The SpeediCath® catheter has a hydrophilic coating and is part of the latest catheter generation. What makes the SpeediCath® catheter special is its particularly uniform coating. In addition, the catheter is embedded in a sterile saline solution and is therefore delivered ready for use.

The SpeediCath® catheter offers safety and hygiene. They are easy to use with greater comfort and at the same time minimal risk of damage to the urethra.

The SpeediCath® catheters have been on the market for over ten years.

These reasons make catheterization with SpeediCath® particularly easy and convenient: The catheter is already embedded in a sterile saline solution and can therefore be used immediately. This saves time and reduces the risk of infection. Thanks to its special packaging, it can be opened easily - even with limited hand function. The packaging design makes it easy to store and supports hygienic handling.

The particularly uniform hydrophilic coating of the catheter body enables safe catheterization again and again.

Several studies have shown that the ease of use and the lack of extensive preparation make SpeediCath® the number one catheter user (cf 1).

SpeediCath® is available in different lengths and diameters and is therefore suitable for women, men and children.

All catheters in the SpeediCath® family offer:
- A particularly uniform coating that minimizes the risk of traumatic injury to the urethra.
- Embedded in a sterile saline solution and therefore ready for immediate use
- An intuitive and simple application

1. Pascoe G, Clovis S. Evaluation of two coated catheters in intermittent self-catheterization. Br J Nurs 2001:10:325—329.