SPIRYTUS Salicylic 2% 100g, acidum salicylicum

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  • The product is used in the decontamination of the skin, abrasions of the epidermis, acne, seborrhoea, and skin care for immobilized persons.

Acidum salicylicum 2.0%
Ethanolum 760g / l 68.0%
Aqua 30.0%

A disinfectant with a weak action and keratoplastic .

Skin decontamination, skin abrasions, acne, seborrhea, skin care for immobilized people.

Directions for use:
Wipe the skin with a tampon or swab of the preparation.

Agent for external use. Application to larger body surfaces or accidental drinking results in reduced ability to operate machines and drive vehicles. Protect your eyes. Keep tightly closed out of the reach of children. Protect from light. Flammable.