Square organic flakes for organic cotton x 60 pieces, clear skin


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  • Clear skinSquare organic organic cotton patches help to thoroughly and effectively cleanse the skin. Well absorb the cosmetics and do not cause irritation.

100% natural cotton 
Do not include: 
- perfume 
- superabsorbents in the form of powders and powders 
- viscose 
- plastic 
- chlorine 
- dioxins

The product is a square made of 100% certified organic cotton. This is characterized by exceptional delicacy. Flakes make it possible to thoroughly cleanse the skin without causing irritation (they are hypoallergenic). They are thick and extremely absorbent, they facilitate the distribution of cosmetics on the skin. They are easy to use and comfortable to use. The pack contains 60 pieces of cosmetic flakes.

- Hypersensitivity to the components of the product

Cosmetic flakes are recommended for use during skin cleansing. Recommended for the care of delicate and sensitive skin of infants and children.

Apply locally. Apply a small amount of cleansing liquid to the flake and then wipe it with the skin. Use as needed. Throw away

Not tested on animals 
Suitable for Vegan 
Global Organic Textile Standard 
Certified Organic Eco Cosmetic ICEA 
Natural Cotton