SS2LI herbal plaster for women with raspberry 10 pc


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Kenrico ® SS2Li herbal plaster with raspberry 10 plasters

This herbal plaster with ingredients from raspberries was developed for women and can be stuck to special reflex zones. High-quality organic plant substances are combined in this efficient form of a nourishing, modern herbal wrap. As the world market leader, Kenrico has placed the highest value on quality, purity and international research * for over 30 years.

SS2LI herbal plaster for women with raspberry Ingredients:
The unique recipe of the SS2Li herbal plaster consists of high-quality Ubame oak vinegar or arrow bamboo vinegar powder 3.05g, raspberry 0.8g, the binding substance dextrin 0.95g as well as loquat leaves 0.1g and docudami 0.1g.

INCI: SS2LI herbal plaster for women with raspberry INGREDIENTS:
* JAS certified organic ingredients

How does a herbal plaster work?
The plasters are stuck to the soles of the feet overnight in order to stimulate the reflex zones. A repetition of a cure application is recommended in spring or autumn. Targeted applications with 10-30 pieces are possible all year round, depending on requirements, and distributed over a few days a month makes sense. Mixing different types is possible at any time. For applications outside the feet such as the back or joints, the plaster can also be worn during the day. The duration of use is 6-8 hours for the feet and up to 12 hours for other parts of the body.
A repetition of the application is advisable depending on the feeling of the pasted area and the desired success.

SS2LI herbal plaster for women with raspberry Note:
Kenrico herbal plasters are cosmetic products. They are not a substitute for medical or medical treatment. For external use only! Do not stick to mucous membranes, open wounds or face. Do not use in case of allergies to the listed ingredients. The mentioned areas of application and effects relate to general knowledge of traditional Japanese herbalism as well as exclusive product and research studies by the manufacturer Kenrico LTD. Japan. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Not suitable for children under 3 years.