STADA blood glucose meter to test normal blood sugar levels


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blood glucose meter to test normal blood sugar levels STADA GLUCO RESULT TO GO PLUS ®
The mobile for on

Pack size: 1 pc

the go No problem at all with the blood glucose meter STADA GLUCO RESULT TO GO PLUS ® . The 4 cm measuring device can be taken anywhere in the enclosed pouch or with a protective cover. Also very practical: the mobile companion can be screwed onto the test strip container for greater stability. And the devices also offer maximum functionality in a minimal format.

 to test normal blood sugar levels blood glucose meter  STADA GLUCO RESULT TO GO PLUS®:

• discreet: only 4 cm small
• compact: to be attached to the test strip container
• practical: measurement results with date, time, PC interface
• mobile cuff can be ordered via guarantee

 blood glucose meter to test normal blood sugar levels  card STADA GLUCO RESULT TO GO PLUS® starter kit

• 1 STADA GLUCO RESULT TO GO PLUS® blood glucose meter
• mg⁄dL or mmol⁄L (incl. 3 – volt battery)
• 10 STADA GLUCO RESULT® test strips
• 1 lancing device with 10 lancets
• User manual
• Brief instructions
• Diabetic diary
• Warranty card
• bag