STADA Diagnostics Tamoxifen Test


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STADA Diagnostics Tamoxifen Test

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DNA laboratory test (blood test) for individually optimized therapy for breast cancer follow-up care.
For use in medical practice

Good reasons for STADA Diagnostik Tamoxifen DNA test:

  • Matching the therapy for breast cancer follow-up to the individual DNA code
  • To clarify to what extent your body can convert tamoxifen or a change to another active ingredient is recommended
  • Reveals a risk of ineffectiveness

With the STADA diagnostics tamoxifen DNA test, it is possible to test before the start of therapy whether a treatment with tamoxifen can have an optimal effect with regard to the individual metabolic profile. The test provides information about the activity of the enzyme that is crucial for activating tamoxifen. As a result, anti-hormonal therapy can be recommended - tailored to the needs of your unique DNA or your individual metabolism.

With the purchase of the test, laboratory and shipping costs are already covered. The pack contains sample shipping materials that are brought to the practice when you visit. Consultation and sampling by your doctor are charged separately in accordance with the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ). In principle, every doctor is authorized to carry out the test. To do this, he takes a blood sample and sends it to the humatrix AG laboratory. There, the parts of the patient's DNA that are relevant for this test are analyzed.

STADA Diagnostics Tamoxifen Test:

  • Contains sample mailing materials and all the necessary forms
  • Complete laboratory analysis of all relevant gene sites
  • Including a detailed analysis report for your doctor

The test can be carried out independently of the previous medication intake and the result is valid for a lifetime.

Shows specific recommendations for the individualization of breast cancer therapy.

Laboratory test for breast cancer patients receiving supportive anti-hormonal therapy

The STADA Diagnostics Tamoxifen DNA test shows specific recommendations for the individualization of breast cancer therapy.

Good reasons for STADA Diagnostik DNA Tamoxifen

  • Adjustment of breast cancer therapy to the individual DNA code!
  • Those affected lose less time in the course of their therapy and are therefore not exposed to additional stress.

STADA Diagnostics Tamoxifen Test Instructions for use

STADA Diagnostics Tamoxifen can only be carried out in a medical practice. Please take this pack with you to your next appointment with your doctor who is looking after you in your adjuvant therapy.

Your doctor will take a blood sample and then send it in for laboratory analysis. The analysis result is available within a few days and will be explained to you in detail by your doctor in a personal conversation.

The analysis result contains a clear statement as to whether your body can convert tamoxifen into the actual active ingredient endoxifen and thus serves as the basis for planning your personal anti-hormonal therapy.