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Starazolin Complete eye drops, Sodium hyaluronate, dexopantenol


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Starazolin Complete eye drops 10ml

  • Starazolin Complete Eye Drops is a medical device with a moisturizing, regenerating and protective effect. This complex action is due to two components - sodium hyaluronate and dexopantenol.


Starazolin Complete eye drops, Sodium hyaluronate, dexopantenol Composition:

Sodium hyaluronate 0.2%; dexopantenol 2%; citrate sodium dihydrate, citric acid monohydrate; high-purified water

Starazolin Complete eye drops contain dexopantenol and sodium hyaluronate, but most of all they are preservative free! Composition of the preparation was so composed to effectively and long lasting moisturizing and nourishing the surface of the eye. In addition, the droplets have a protective effect and support regenerative processes. After application, they bring relief and facilitate the restoration of the natural balance. The sodium hyaluronate contained in the formulation is a natural substance that occurs, inter alia, in a tear film. Thanks to its content, droplets coat the surface of the eye with a unique layer to prevent it from drying. Dexopantenol, on the other hand, supports the beneficial effects of sodium hyaluronate.

Starazolin Complete eye drops are intended for use in the case of dryness, fatigue, itching, baking, irritation, tearing of the eyes. Also in the case of the presence of a foreign body under the eyelid or temporary deterioration of visual acuity due to eye fatigue.

Additional Information:
The product contains no preservatives. Keep product out of the reach of children at room temperature. After eye drops, there may be temporary transient visual disturbances. There may also be allergic reactions such as burning sensation or tearing, which disappear after discontinuation of the preparation. Use of drops in pregnant women and nursing mothers should be consulted with a physician. However, it is recommended that you keep at least 15-minute intervals between applications, with Starazolin Complete droplets last used.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the droplet components. Do not use in case of eye infection.


How to use Sodium hyaluronate, dexopantenol :

If your doctor does not recommend otherwise, you usually apply three drops a day to 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac. After dropping, slowly close the eye so that the preparation can evenly cover the entire eye area. Do not touch the tip of the eye dropper during application. It should be used within 90 days of the first opening.