STARAZOLIN HydroBalance drops 10ml (2x5ml) tired eyes remedy


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STARAZOLIN HydroBalance drops 10ml (2x5ml) tired eyes remedy

  • STARAZOLIN HydroBalance as moisturizing eye drops, hialurian contains sodium and other ingredients that not only prevent dryness of the eyeball but also irritation and fatigue of a long-term vision camera work in adverse conditions.

STARAZOLIN HydroBalance drops tired eyes remedy Composition:
aqueous solution of eye drops - Starazolin HydroBalance contains sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride, sodium orthophosphate and sodium perborate.

STARAZOLIN HydroBalance drops tired eyes remedy indications:

Drops Starazolin HydroBalance demonstrate effective and long-lasting moisturizing effect. They bring quick relief at the feeling of dryness, irritation, eye fatigue and feeling of sand under the eyelids.The preparation Starazoilin HydroBalance is particularly indicated for:
  • ocular exposure to the irritating environmental factors such as dust, smoke, UV radiation, heat (heating, sauna), air conditioning, wind, cosmetics, chlorinated water,
  • reduced the frequency of blinking caused by watching TV, reading or those requiring long-term concentration of vision min. prolonged work in front of screen monitor, driving, etc.
  • too small amount of tears or alter their composition including in patients with dry eye syndrome and in patients over 40 years old
  • contact lens wearers
Drops Starazolin HydroBalance do not contain preservatives, acting by a great alternative for people allergic to such ingredients can be used by wearers of contact lenses of all types.

STARAZOLIN HydroBalance drops tired eyes remedy Dosage:
Preparation for self-use. For external use only.

Wash hands before application. Drops Starazolin HydroBalance be used topically into the conjunctival sac. It is typically administered 1 or 2 drops, 3 to 5 times daily. Do not touch the dropper tip, as this may cause contamination of the contents of the bottle.
If after removing the irritants, symptoms persist or worsen during treatment with drops, stop using the product and consult a specialist.