Sterimar BABY hypertonic spray 50ml


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  • Sterimar BABY hypertonic spray is a product designed for nasal administration in children from 3 months of age. Effectively cleanses and clears the nose, making it easier to breathe (eg. When cold).

tonicity: A solution having a salt concentration higher than in the cells of the body, thereby allowing natural clearing the nasal congestion (osmotic effect); sea water: 60 ml (salt: about 17 g / l), manganese salt, copper salt and purified water - 100 ml

The product has the form of a hypertonic spray seawater with copper.It characterized by a number of beneficial health properties. It helps to neutralize the natural discomfort associated with colds, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, hay fever and sinusitis. It works udrażniająco and conducive to stopping the development of microorganisms. In addition, effectively it reduces the probability of superinfections of the nasal cavity. It shows cleansing and increases the effect of drugs.

- allergic to ingredients

It is recommended to use the product in infants above 3 months of age and older children and adults in the case of colds, sinusitis, hay fever, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and throat.

How to use:
Apply intranasally. It is recommended to applying spray into each nostril or baby, giving a dose of 1 x 2-6 / 24, or according to need.