Sterimar Baby spray 50ml, sterimar nasal spray


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  • Nasal spray. Sterimar Baby contains natural sea water with trace elements and minerals, indicated in the daily hygiene and care of the nasal mucosa in children. Sterimar Baby, has a special tip through which it is possible application in every position.


  • care helps cleanse the nose, eases breathing and feeding,
  • restores dried śluzówkom their normal physiological functions.
  • in the case of nasal congestion restores patency and breathing comfort, allows you to remove mucus

Sterimar Baby has been specially developed for infants and young children:

  • soft tip and gentle microdiffusion system is perfectly suited to the delicate noses of babies and small children,
  • microdiffusion system lets you rinse your nose and facilitates the absorption of minerals and trace elements contained in seawater,
  • the container can be used in any position.