STOMACH BALANCE powder vet. DOG 250 g

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Canina ® STOMACH BALANCE for dogs

... against over-acidification of the stomach, excessive
grass-eating and subsequent vomiting with mucus.

This new product was developed by veterinarians and is used by puppies to senior dogs for stomach problems.

carrot flour, slippery elm (American slippery elm), water mint leaves, centaury, gentian root.

Supplementary feed to support the stomach function in dogs

The natural mixture Canina Magen Balance was developed by veterinarians and is used by puppies to senior dogs for stomach problems.

Many dogs suffer from over-acidification of the stomach, regardless of whether they are fed industrial food or fresh meat (BARF).

They tend to choke out yellowish mucus, especially in the morning hours when they have been sober for a long time. This process is usually preceded by massive grazing.

The ground bark of the American slippery elm forms mucilage that covers the gastric mucous membrane like a protective film and soothes it.

Gentian and centaury contain bitter substances, tannic acid, inulin and mucilage that balance the irritated stomach.

The water mint with essential oils and menthol also has a positive effect on the stomach environment.

Clinoptilolite is a natural material; the generic term for these minerals is zeolite. Clinoptilolite has a crystalline structure with cavities and pores in which molecules such as toxins and none can be bound (strong absorption power).

Due to the high cation exchange capacity of clinoptilolite, the gastric environment is positively influenced and excess acid counteracted.

Your dog's stomach will calm down and be in balance.

Bentonite is a natural rock made from various clay minerals that is formed by the weathering of volcanic ash.

It has a plate structure and is water-attracting, the water pushes between the plates, so that the clay minerals swell.

This swelling improves the consistency of the faeces, which also has a positive effect on emptying the anal glands.

Like clinoptilolite, bentonite can bind harmful molecules so that the digestive tract is relieved and gastrointestinal health is promoted.

Canina Stomach Balance is a natural help against over-acidification of the stomach, against excessive grass-eating and against subsequent gagging with mucus.

carrot flour, slippery elm (American slippery elm), watermint leaves, centaury, gentian root

crude ash 37.1%, protein 5.1%, fat content 1.1%, crude fiber 9.9%

Nutritional analytical components per kg:
clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (1g568) 250g, bentonite (1m558i) 50g

recommendation per animal and day: 1/2 teaspoon per 10kg body weight, maximum 4 teaspoons (1 teaspoon = approx. 5g)
As a cure over 4 weeks, longer if necessary.

The given feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.

The powder is offered mixed with the feed.

Dry food must be moistened with water.

If medication is administered at the same time, there must be an interval of at least 2 hours between administration of medication and feeding of Canina Magen Balance.