STOPPER waxed No. 101 formed


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  • Stopper MWD-12s, made of cotton-viscose wadding covered with natural wax. Effectively protects your hearing from noise and disturbing sounds. Stopper adapts to every shape of the ear and is comfortable and safe to use.

One pair of inserts in the package: a welded PP bag with print.

Operation and application:
Stopper Waxed 101 MWD-12 sec. Is a safe and comfortable stopper made of cotton - viscose wadding. The inserts are formed into a cone, and their mass is softened by kneading. The product is characterized by high durability and easily adapts to any shape of the ear. It has the ability to absorb dirt and dust. Stopper effectively protects against noxious noise and against all irritating sounds and noises. Stopper is easy to put on and is not disruptive to the wearer.

Soften the product by heating it in a hand or kneading and then mold. Insert into the ear canal and seal it with pressure. Pressing the lower part of the pinna helps to remove the inserts. The inserts can be used repeatedly until the mass is soft and sticky. The inserts do not require cleaning.