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Stretch mark cream, Butter on the growing belly 175g

Essential Care

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  • Stretch mark cream. Butter on the growing belly is an eco-cosmetic with properties that make the skin more elastic and firm. It prevents the formation of stretch marks on the stomach. Recommended for pregnant and slimming women.

coconut oil *, extra virgin olive oil *, shea butter *, beeswax *, essential oils of: grapefruit *, orange *, ylang ylang *, limonene * & linalool * (from essential oils).
*) grown and produced organically (100% of the product)
- 100% natural fragrance
- without parabens,
- no glycol,
- no artificial colors
- no silicone
- no Phenoxyethanol
- no PEG and SLS
- no GMO
- physiological pH
- hypoallergenic

Ecological cosmetics thanks to the content of vitamins and minerals derived from the oil of sea-buckthorn berries contribute to reducing and preventing the occurrence of stretch marks. It is characterized by a non-greasy and well absorbed consistency. It has nutritional properties. It makes the skin firmer and firmer when the abdomen grows during pregnancy. Sea buckthorn contains omega 7 acids, contributing to the skin's elasticity. Olive oil increases skin hydration. It provides its vitamins A, D and E with protective properties. Coconut oil is responsible for nourishing and lubricating the skin. Pure essential oils - grapefruit and ylang ylang give the butter a pleasant aroma and contribute to the improvement of well-being.

Use butter in the prophylaxis of stretch marks during pregnancy (from 3 months), after childbirth (up to 3-6 months) and during puberty. Also recommended during weight loss.

Directions for use:
Use externally. Massage a small amount of butter into the abdomen, breasts and buttocks. Repeat x 1-2 / 24h. Apply from around the 3rd month of pregnancy. After delivery, use daily for 3 - 6 months to maintain skin elasticity and prevent the formation of stretch marks.

Not tested on animals.
Suitable for Vegan
Soil Association Organic Standard