SUDAFED Muco menthol syrup 150ml 12+ guaiphenesin, dry cough, dry cough remedy

Johnson & Johnson

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  • SUDAFED Muco menthol cough syrup wet. It contains guaifenesin that belongs to the expectorant drugs that thinning secretions facilitates its expectoration.

1 ml of oral solution contains: 20 mg (100 mg in 5 ml) gwajafenezyny (guaiphenesin). It also contains ethanol, glucose, fructose, cochineal red, sodium. Action: Guaifenesin contributes to an increased bronchial secretion, and reduces its viscosity. It irritates the mucous membranes and acts instinctively sekretolitycznie. Relieving cough productive thinning mucus and aiding expectoration. Indications: Cough syrup wet (productive) - is used in case of excessive production of viscous mucus in the airways. Dosage: Adults and adolescents 12 years and older: is recommended to take two tablespoons (after 5 ml) four times a day. Do not take more than four doses over 24 hours.