SUDAFED XyloSpray HA nasal spray 10ml swelling of the nasal mucosa in acute

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  • The indications for use are: reduction of swelling of the nasal mucosa in acute, in vasomotor and allergic rhinitis. Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, which protects and hydrates the nasal mucosa.
Facilitating the outflow of secretions in the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and eustachian tube inflammation of the middle ear is connected to the common cold. The drug is intended for use in adults and children over 6 years. Composition: One ml of solution Sudafed XyloSpray HA contains 1 mg xylometazoline hydrochloride (Xylometazolini hydrochloride). It also contains sodium hyaluronate, sorbitol, glycerol. Dosage: For adults and children over 6 years used a single dose in each nostril 3 times a day