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  • SUDOCREM is a preparation demonstrating local drying properties that supports the healing process of skin wounds. It works well during the care of acne skin and delicate baby skin.

zinc oxide ep 15.25%, lanolin (hypoallergenic) 4.00%, benzyl benzoate bp 1.01%, benzyl cinnamate 0.15%, benzyl alcohol bp 0.39% and distilled water, liquid paraffin, wax, sodium benzoate , linalyl acetate, propylene glycol, embanox 4, sorbitan, lavender aroma

The product intended for topical use contains zinc oxide, to which it owes its drying effect. It covers the abraded skin and supports the wound healing process and prevents further irritation. In the case of infant skin, it protects against the influence of irritants contained in the urine and faeces.

- allergy to constituents of the preparation
- acute dermatitis
- open wounds

It is recommended to use adjuvant in the case of dermatitis, acne lesions and slight abrasions of the epidermis. Indicated for diaper dermatitis, pressure ulcers, companion herpes, smallpox changes, slight frostbite and sunburn.

Use a small amount of cream in the affected area, repeating the activity if necessary.