SUFRIN x 60 125mg capsules, Sulfur, pine oil, linseed oil

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  • Sufrin, is a natural formulation that is a source of bioavailable sulfur for the body. It is recommended in cases of arthritis and degenerative diseases and helps in the regeneration of the liver. The measure also affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

SUFRIN Ingredients:
Sulfur, pine oil, linseed oil

SUFRIN,-Sulfur, pine oil, linseed oil Action:
Sufrin, it is quite natural remedy, which is a supplement to the daily diet with organic sulfur unoxidized - bio-sulfur. Sufrin regular intake of the formulation, acts as an auxiliary in a number of symptoms - including problems with rheumatic and degenerative disorders, and the proper functioning of the liver and bile ducts. Sulfur is also important for the health and appearance of the skin, so Sufrin is recommended for people who tend to have skin problems and change the type of acne, psoriasis, eczema.

SUFRIN,-Sulfur, pine oil, linseed oil Dosage:
Oral. Adults 1-3 capsules a day 20 minutes before meal with some water. Used for up to one month or longer. Warning! When treatment may experience bloating, mild diarrhea, optionally periodic appearance of blemishes as a result of purification of the body.